The Astute Leader Program

The Astute Leader Program (ALP) is a 8-module training curriculum which may be delivered in person, in a hybrid model, or entirely virtually and asynchronously.

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The Best Practices of Leadership Philosophy

Tested on hundreds of mid-level and senior executives, ALP focuses on the identification of best practices of Leadership Philosophy as well as the development of a common and universally adoptable lexicon as to leadership principles and practices which all executives within an enterprise can use to achieve a unified view of what excellence in leader looks like, how great leadership inspires great “followership”, higher retention, greater consistency and stability throughout the organization, greater innovation and stronger strategic posture, and generally higher performance across the business. This framework facilitates a concurrence among junior and senior executives as to what poor, average, good, and great leadership looks like, and how it informs an effective performance management culture.

The eight modules of The Astute Leader Program are typically delivered over four quarters’ time, allowing for executives to put into practice what they learn online or in the classroom. The program involves a combination of group education, break-out sessions and small-group workshops, individual assessments, independent study, and case work and presentations. ALP is also licensable in a “train the trainer” mode so that general HR and Learning and Development organizations within a larger enterprise can deliver the content and training more broadly, to more trainees, over a longer period of time.

The courseware is divided into the following sections:

*(this assessment may be replaced with other personality assessments used by/favored by the client)

What Our Clients Have to Say

“Through her coaching, Jessica enabled me to completely reframe some major challenges I had been experiencing and opened me up to a whole new raft of opportunities. Our time together was truly powerful and transformative.

GP, CEO, creative / digital agency

“Jessica’s sessions are grounded in structure and accountability, ensuring that I have left each one armed with a set of tools, learnings and actions.  I have been able to repeatedly apply what we’ve discussed together in practice, back in my working environment, and then reflect back on progress in our next meet.”

Lucy A., Start Up Founder, food-related services industry

“Dave has been a tremendous resource to myself and my leadership team. He weaves management consulting practices into his mentoring and coaching conversations, constantly probing and pushing us to see challenges and opportunities in new ways. He has helped us establish a common understanding of and agreement as to what great management practices and leadership principals look like, both in theory and in our day-to-day work. Our business seen significant top and bottom line improvement since Dave began working with us.”

Steve A., President, national manufacturer
“Leslie’s executive management and mentorship was invaluable to me during my mid to late 20s. Her guidance and support provided me with the direction and perspective that I needed to navigate my career path. I am deeply grateful for her insights, advice, and mentorship, which helped me grow and develop in my career. The lessons I learned from Leslie continue to influence my professional and personal life.”
Thomas C., Deputy Executive Director, Statewide political / government relations organization
“Dave’s coaching and mentoring were instrumental in helping me “re-conceive myself” in terms of my career ambitions and the behaviors and attitudes I needed to focus on in order to be seen as an executive promotable to the highest levels of a company. I value Dave’s casual but smart style: he’s a “been there, done that” kind of mentor, but he always seemed open to learning and growing right alongside me.”
Susan T., Chief Corporate Counsel, global medical device manufacturer
“Leslie facilitated a workshop on a complex topic and made it understandable for every level of participant. She is an excellent communicator,  skilled at reading the audience and adjusting her facilitation to deliver content in a way that people understand.  Her ability to engage the participants and generate discussion leads to great understanding by all who attend the workshops.”
Jenifer W., Program Manager, higher education

“Over the past four years, Dave’s coaching and mentoring have seen me through two promotions and two significant role changes. I deeply value my relationship with Dave, who has taught me to “see myself in the room,” to honestly self-appraise and work through my limitations, keep my cool, and be a materially better colleague, manager, and leader.”

Nick V., EVP, global travel services company

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