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Acorn Growth Partners is an Executive Coaching, Mentoring, and Management Consultancy wholly focused on the art and science of executive excellence.

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A Highly Experienced Team

Our coaches and mentors are part of an industry-diverse team of highly experienced and successful CEO and C-Suite global operators who have also made the investment in executive coaching certification. When you contract with an Acorn executive, you can expect to experience the highest standard of executive coaching practices and methods, combined with mature industry, functional, and positional perspective and expertise.

The Art & Science of Executive Excellence

We’ve walked miles in your shoes.  Collectively Acorn Growth Partners executives have nearly two hundred years of successful global operating, managerial, and leadership experience.  That’s the Art.  But just “having been there, done that” isn’t always sufficient in helping other Executives become the best they can be.  That’s where the Science comes in. We deploy time-tested coaching methodologies to help you find you best and most efficient path to a new, better you (or group!). We’re all about measurement and accountability, and we’re going to ask that you do the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the average Coaching engagement last?2023-04-28T21:00:01-05:00

Most initial Coaching engagements last 6 months, beginning with a greater up-front investment in time, including face to face time with your coaching, one or more assessments and interpretation, and goal setting. The monthly time commitment then lessens as the executive begins to put their learnings into practice.  Typically a second, maintenance-oriented six month engagement is initiated once the Executive completes the more intensive first six month period.  It is important to note however that Coaching does not need to be a finite resource: many executives have Coaching relationships that go on for years.  As long as a Coach can remain useful and relevant to the Executive’s growth and success, the relationship can go on indefinitely.

How often do we meet in person? Can this be conducted virtually?2023-04-28T20:59:34-05:00

The challenges that the pandemic presented not withstanding, best practices in the formation of the most successful coaching relationships indicate that kicking off the relationship with at least one face to face interaction is ideal; however, Coaching can absolutely be delivered virtually — it is up to the Executive and the Coach to sort it out.

How do I choose my Coach? Or is one chosen for me?2023-04-28T20:59:03-05:00

Great Coaching relationships are highly predicated on “fit”.  That’s why we provide substantial AGP Coach biographies, and welcome screening interviews with prospective clients.  Depending on the Executive’s specific needs and goals, we might make a recommendation for a Coach, but it is entirely up to the Executive as to whom they choose.

May I choose my topics to work on?2023-04-28T20:58:39-05:00

Absolutely!  We do however recommend that you use the feedback from the preliminary assessment tools (i.e 360 assessments, DiSC, Myers-Briggs, Lencioni Five Dysfunctions, etc.) as a guide as well. Importantly, your manager, subordinates, and peers often have a pretty good idea of what may be holding you back!

What sort of monetary investment is involved?2023-04-28T20:58:10-05:00

Pricing varies: if your company is prepared to cover the cost, we will work with your HR and/or Finance organization to set a total cost.  If you are coming out-of-pocket personally (and we commend you for your initiative!), we will work with you to make it affordable.  It is important to note that this is not an X-dollar-per-hour relationship — you can expect unrestricted access to your Coach during the coaching engagement.  One thing is for sure: studies show that the payback on the Coaching investment in you is 5.7 times the initial cost, realized within twelve months from the start of the Coaching relationship.

Do you Coach teams as well as individuals?2023-04-28T20:57:39-05:00

Yes, in fact, Coaching typically yields a higher impact when multiple members of the same team (be that a leader and subordinates, a team of peers a la C-Suite, etc) are going through the Coaching experience at the same time. In that spirit, we also provide Coaching for Boards of Directors.

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