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Welcome to Acorn Growth Partners

All great things began as something small!

Acorn Growth Partners (AGP) is a boutique management consultancy which focuses on business enterprises, typically $100MM in sales and smaller, where growth has stalled and the ownership wishes to regain market traction and return to profitable revenue growth. AGP will "tune" or re-architect the client's business -- including challenging the existing business model – using our proprietary Enterprise Valuation and Velocity Enhancement™ (EV2E™) methodology. AGP delivers value, via its network of experts, in the fields of:

  • general management & executive leadership
  • organizational design and human capital performance
  • sales organization and operations
  • marketing operations
  • product and service portfolio development
  • financial analysis

Our team members have managed businesses in highly varied industries, including online and offline travel services, textiles and apparel, medical informatics, online consumer services, consumer in-home services, light and heavy manufacturing, business consulting services, enterprise software and computing. We welcome opportunities to help clients reinvigorate their business and their cultures, and to “kick start” innovation. Equally, we enjoy and have success in the challenge of pivoting traditional offline businesses to online sales and customer service models.

AGP consultants have produced noteworthy results for their clients because of their insistence research-based, fact-driven dialogs with owners and throughout the organization. Further, AGP consultants counsel owner/operators to inspire collaboration, dedication, hard work, and loyalty from organizations, and help them achieve significant top-to-bottom line business performance improvements.

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